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A Stand-up Show Like No Other

A Stand-up Show Like No Other

Everyone likes to laugh! So, why not head down to a comedy show? 

What? Are you nervous that the show may not actually be… funny? Well, what if every joke promised to be funny? What if you were promised to be continuously laughing? Promised to be wiping away tears from laughter? Well then, at The Comedy Shuffle Stand-up Show, that’s exactly their promise! 

Unlike any other comedy show you have ever been to, The Comedy Shuffle will always keep you laughing. The Comedy Shuffle swears to never have bad jokes!

At The Comedy Shuffle, a comic does jokes while a seasoned comic (with a spotlight and mic) interrupts them. If their joke doesn’t initially work, the Shuffler’s burns do. 

The Shuffler can end the comic’s set at any point if it’s not going well, or let the comic keep going a little longer to find some brand new material. 

It’s not mean… okay, it’s a little mean. But, it’s fun and constructive too.

The show is in the basement of The Comedy Loft (2 blocks west of Dupont Circle) at 8 pm every Monday. Doors at 7:30 pm. (List to sign-up goes out at 7 pm.)