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Out of Pet Supplies at Insignia on M? Restock at Unleashed by Petco

Petco is well known as one of the biggest names in pet stores nationwide. But in cities like DC, where space is at a premium, even big retail operations normally open smaller scale stores. That’s where Unleashed comes in. For DC residents, the Navy Yard Unleashed location is a new outpost of Petco’s smaller, neighborhood-focused offshoot. Located just east of Tingey Plaza, it offers all of the standard necessities you’d need from a pet store–a huge variety of dog and cat foods, grooming and enrichment accessories, medication and veterinary products, and more. The store also hosts in-house adoption events, pet training classes, and grooming services. And although the in-store selection is smaller than what you’d find at one of Petco’s big-box sites, you can order anything from the Petco website and have it shipped to the local Unleashed at no additional cost. Contactless curbside pickup and delivery and subscription services are also available through the website.